Be You. It's cool.

Hi! I'm Sara, an NHS Medical doctor and qualified fitness instructor.

I bloomin' love people. I truly believe that people can be the best things in this life. It's why I chose to become a doctor. I knew I wanted a career where I not only get to meet new people every day, but have the unique privilege of helping them in their time of need. It's an honour that still blows me away every. Our bodies are the vessels through which we get to share ourselves with the world. Whether it's our art, our love of music, our poor jokes, our small talk or our deep, world changing ideas - we need a healthy body to share that love with others. Working as a doctor has shown me just how much every day lifestyles and habits can help or hinder our health. We, as individuals, can be the single biggest influence on our own health - more than our parents, any pill,  or the world's best nurse or doctor ever could be. 

I started my online work to empower people to love and look after their bodies.

I'm passionate about health because I'm passionate about you and the unique blessing that you are to this world. I hope you find my work helpful, maybe even fun?! I hope that through it I can share even the tiniest bit of love. 






Healthcare starts with self care


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