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Want me to be your coach?

As a medical doctor and personal trainer, I'm passionate about helping people to live a healthy, sustainable lifestyle that works for them. This is why I've created Healthy at Home, the ultimate home workout plan to help you reach your goals - with me as your personal coach! Spaces are limited so sign up below to start the new year on the right foot!

8 week plan

The countdown is on.

Starting 2/1/21, I'm bringing you 56 days of science based progressive programming. We'll be doing functional, targeted training sessions full of new unique moves to get you to your goal!


Over the 8 weeks we will be Applying physiological principles to burn fat, build muscle, increase your cardiovascular fitness and improve your flexibility. 

No rush.

No fads.

True sustainable results.


No equipment needed!

All you have to do is show up and press play. The plan includes follow along videos for every single session with a motivational, instructional voiceover and a supporting written e-guide!


Start the new year with the Healthy at Home community!

No matter what this year brings, we'll be cheering each other on with encouragement and support as we work through this plan and give our bodies the exercise and endorphins they need

Track your progress

Healthy at Home gives you access to the ultimate fitness test so that you can see just how strong you're getting and see yourself achieve your goals


Fancy hitting the gym for the session? No problem! You can do this plan anywhere at anytime. Use the videos to follow along or the written guide - you have total control!

The perfect fit

Healthy at Home is for everyone! This plan includes beginner, intermediate and advanced variations with no noise and low impact options. While you don't need any equipment to complete it, HAH has options for dumbbell & resistance bands use 

When does it start?!

It all kicks off on the 2nd of January 2021!

Sign up now to grab the early bird discount and secure your spot!

Ready to become fitter, healthier and stronger than ever?

Pre-order Healthy at Home now to ensure you start the new year right!

Click below to reserve a spot, ready to start 02/01/2021!