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Build. Shape. Grow.

Dr Sara as your coach:

By signing up to THICC, you'll have exclusive access to me, Dr Sara, as your coach. I'll be sharing my expertise, answering questions and encouraging you along the way!


Self Love

I know how it is. I've been there myself. Finding that awkward, rarely spoken about balance between loving yourself just as you are, while still wanting to be in the best shape you can. You're beautiful and it is possible! Love is active - we look after the things we love! Which is why this programme lets you give your body the exercise it needs while reaching your goals and seeing real results. We'll be glowing up not just physically, but mentally too.


Success made simple

I'm a true believer in keeping things as simple as possible. That's why the plan includes video examples for every move a supporting written e-guide, and alternative moves from every level.


Community Matters

Research has shown how much accountability can aid success. This plan includes access to the THIQUE community! We'll be cheering each other on with encouragement and support as we workout together and give our bodies the exercise and endorphins they need.


Track your progress

THIQUE gives you the guidance you need so that you can see just how strong and thique you're getting! After 8 weeks you'll be able to look back and see how far you've come in achieving your goals!


Anywhere, Anytime

Fancy hitting the gym for the session? No problem! Rather stay home with no equipment? Sure! Tou can do this plan anywhere at anytime. Use the videos to follow along or the written guide - you have total control!

Beginners to Advanced



Community Vibe





Science Based Training

Asma, USA

"It's been approximately three months of following this workouts and I've got a perfect legs and butt!"

Monique, USA

"Trust the process! It works I've done it for a month and increased my calorie intake, my thighs are definitely getting thicker!!"

Elsie, CA

“This is the best exercise I've encountered in the internet. Amazing.”


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